By jerry on July 4, 2013

The contents of your kit will probably change as your situations change, so try and sit down at least once a year and think about how you or your family’s needs have changed and how this could impact a survival situation. Better yet, keep a piece of paper around and take notes of changes to make to your emergency preparedness kit as they come to you. You’ll find that many items will be used quite often, but those survival items that you don’t use that much should be kept in one place or in a container such as a plastic bin or duffel bag (make sure they are clearly labeled and easy to find)..

The Dirty Bird. The Screaming Eagle. The Kicking Chicken. To sew your book together, use a fairly large needle and some coloured, about three times the length of the spine. Punch a hole through each dot using a drawing pin. Tie a knot in the end of the, leaving a long end, then, starting at the top, carefully sew down the spine, passing the needle down through one hole and up through the next..

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There is a solution. If you are not confident in your local water supply or wish to safely filter tap water when on the go, carbon filtered tap water’s safer and costs much less than bottled water. According to the Environmental Working Group, “carbon filtration of tap water will dramatically lower levels of toxic by products; it is also 10 to 20 times less expensive than bottled water, and does not produce the waste and pollution associated with the packaging and transport of bottled water.”.

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