By jerry on July 13, 2017

The Master of Education in Athletic Administration is a 36 credit program for students interested in careers within educational institutions, including secondary schools, colleges and universities; both non profit and profit oriented organizations that offer sport fitness, and wellness services; government agencies such as city recreation departments, state parks, and recreation departments; and sport governing bodies at the state, national and international levels.This program is based on the belief that learning leads to change, and individuals with the ability to learn and evolve continuously will be successful as leaders or managers in the dynamic environment of the sport industry. In addition to the focus study of athletic administration at the secondary, college and recreational levels, the curriculum will provide students with an in depth look at the diverse and expanding practice of sport administration in an international context.The program of study addresses the knowledge and skills in the philosophies of sport as well as all aspects of athletic administration. Besides completing the core courses, the MAA program allows students to select their own specialization track in accordance with their area(s) of interest.

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