By jerry on July 13, 2017

On Wednesday, the team continued the reinvention of the Rams by unveiling their new uniforms for the 2017 season. Coliseum. The Rams wore similar uniforms in week 16 on a Thursday night game against the Seattle Seahawks. The $35 entry fee includes the run and the dip, but you can also choose to do just one or the other. Or if you rather take the plunge on New Year Day, you can head to Old Orchard Beach for the annual Lobster Dip, which benefits Special Olympics Maine. 51 Wharf, Portland, $12 general admission Red Bull party, $25 VIP line skip Red Bull Party, $85 Platinum Elevated VIP Booth ($85 per person, 12 person booth) $75 Sky Box VIP Booth ($75 per person, 12 25 person booth) $50 Ultra VIP Booth, $50 per person, 5 person booth)..

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