By jerry on May 25, 2015

Was upset as I was. I remember both of them saying, is an awful time, but it not over and it only over if you want it to be over. They gave me the option to do whatever I needed to do for myself which was great.. It is what was on your mind and what you wanted to put on paper. And I am sure a lot of people love it as well. :) Things just sometimes affect me more than I wish to.

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping It fucking retarded behaviour.And sorry, what exactly does a sign up fee have to do with anything? That it an important qualifier with rules? And the other team did what is within their right and followed the rules? So instead of just forfeiting and moving on with their lives, OP and his team of victims decided to play with 4 and cry in chat for 1 hour and pause 6 times? Oh the poor, poor victims? 1 point submitted 13 hours agoThis post is proof all you have to do is put “CEVO” or “ESEA” in some long bullshit wall of text and you have a bunch of retards who didn even read the post on your side.From everything I seen and read OP and his shitty team were upset another team FOLLOWED THE RULES OF AN IMPORTANT QUALIFIER, AS IS THEIR RIGHT to not allow them to use a standin.It somehow everybody elses fault their 5th couldn play, and especially the big bad CEVO admins.So, instead of doing what 99% of other teams would do and just FFing the quals, they decided to play with 4, and use every single pause they could as often as they could. And them eventually getting DQed while doing this is somehow the big bad CEVO mans fault. Boo hoo.insom23 1 point submitted 3 days agoWell the attitude of shitting on people for sharing opinions on topics they not “experts” on has always struck me as a weird stand to take.This is an internet discussion board, the whole reason I visit this and many comparable subreddits is to read people opinions, share my own, discuss things, etc.It would be a really really fucking boring world if every time something interesting happened people just posted “wow, this is a really big deal, but seeing as I not an expert I hold off on having an opinion”.I just don know why anybody would actually go around talking as if that the way things should be, or the way they want things to be.It also just comes off as condescending and almost pseudo intellectual, shitting on somebody elses opinion for their lack of qualifications while actually offering nothing yourself, and bringing nothing interesting to the table Cheap Jerseys free shipping.