By jerry on November 12, 2014

My girlfriend had never watched Toy Story, and now her favourite character is Rex the dinosaur because it reminds her of me so much. Pic for reference. I would wipe my away my tears with my tiny arms if I could but my rotator cuff is niggling from T1 T2 bench day..

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china To set their new songs alongside these classic covers was a bold move, and gave the middle of the set a strange pacing and uneven potency.Things picked up when the group dusted off their own bona fide hits, as dynamic versions of “Without a Trace,” “Runaway Train,” “Closer to the Stars,” and “Somebody to Shove” all injected some life into the later portion of the performance, with the vintage anthems still sounding as vital and galvanizing as ever. They even threw in an untamed cover of the Suicide Commandos’ “Attacking The Beat” for those old school Minneapolis music fans in the audience, who roared their approval. The main set closed with a unifying wholesale jerseys, uplifting version of “Stand Up and Be Strong,” which sent the band off to a thunderous ovation.The proceedings got interesting once again during the encore, as Dave continued to be frustrated by guitar issues, and swilled from his red Solo cup as he led the group through a soulful cover of Nick Cave the Bad Seeds’ delicate masterpiece, “Into My Arms.” It was stunning, and yet another shocking cover from the band. wholesale nfl jerseys from china

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