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I notice a dark area on the bottom of the cup, which is visible in the picture of the maker’s marks. Cup measures 2 1/2 inches across; 2 1/4 inches tall. Plate measures 4 3/4 inches across.or Best OfferVintage Deer and Angel FigurineBeautiful cute little deer with adorable angel figure.

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canada goose This coat is great. I have a long walk to work in the morning and this has been the only coat where I don’t feel the wind coming through. I wish it was a bit longer as it runs kind of short (even though it looks longer online.) I also really like that I can easily still zip the coat up with a scarf on in the past I’ve had to either remove the scarf to zip it all the way up but this coat allows me to zip it all the way up with my scarf on and even put the hood up. canada goose

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Men performing physical activities outdoors can find waterproof and sweatproof pieces such as jackets that will help to protect them. These pieces will also provide additional features such as pockets for phones. Traditional sports activities all have specific types of shorts, jerseys, and undergarments to help men achieve peak performance whether the activity is a weekend hobby or whether the activity is intense training for a professional tournament or race..

canada goose jackets He also asks or says very irrelevant questions or comments to people. There is typically one Clarence movie per episode. One possible exception is the 1st season episode “Patience”, which features a lengthy film in the first half of the episode of Clarence asking people to look into the camera and say “Hey kids! It’s important to be patient”, and repeatedly interrupting them. canada goose jackets

cheap canada goose January 1, 2005 Boosie teamed up with Lava House Records to release United We Stand, Divided We Fall. He also released Street Code with Pat Lowrenzo. In 2005, Lil Boosie released Bad Ass (Advance) to promote Bad Azz. The majority of the Trail is unpaved gravel while the downtown portions that pass through View Royal, Saanich, and Victoria are paved. For those challenging themselves to trek the entire Trail, Langford makes a great spot to rest and revitalize.” [5]Farmers from Happy Valley got to this event to sell their wares.The Goldstream Farmers Market is held Saturdays during summer, in the heart of Langford’s city Centre, at Veterans Memorial Park. [6]The settlement began c.1860 when blacks who came to BC from the United States settled there. cheap canada goose

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