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LOOK WHAT ERIC GOTT: Eric Fraser hasn caught Jon Gott for best beard on the team, but he trying. Fraser showed up to camp with plenty of hair on his face. Rolled around, I took off home, I didn feel like shaving, then it just kind of stuck and here we are five months later, said Fraser.

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“Concussions in NFL games were down 25 percent last year, continuing a three year downward trend. We continue to make significant investments in independent research to advance the science and understanding of these issues. We are seeing a growing culture of safety.

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We have a Rio Ferdinand who in fine form, Nemenja motherfucking Vidic, Jonny Evans who very reliable, and young Phil Jones and Chris Smalling in defence. No other team in the league can boast that kind of depth. We have Rafael, who was probably the best RB in the league this season, and Evra who defines consistency.

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