By jerry on September 14, 2017

12, 10am 1pm. Camp Canine, 803 E. Montecito St. Editor’s Note: The following are some of the Veterans Day programs being held throughout the county this weekend and next week. These are the ones that had been submitted to the Times Standard as of Wednesday noon. The event will be held at the Arcata Veterans Memorial Building, 14th and J streets.

Bakeware factory Remove the foil or paper lining and trim the brown edges all around the cake as they will crack if rolled. Fold the bottom of the towel up over the log and gently roll it up lengthwise. When rolled, let the cake sit until it has cooled just enough so that it won’t melt the buttercream. Bakeware factory

Decorating tools Today, UNA East Campus, Room 105, Florence. Cost: $19. Today, UNA East Campus, Room 102, Florence. Heat so that the sugar melts, not moving the pan. Use a clean pastry brush (free from oil/dust etc) to wash down the sides. If you don’t do this the sugar on the sides may cook faster and burn and this will taint the toffee. Decorating tools

cake decorations supplier TMTake Red Velvet cupcakes. Instead of the two or three drops of food colouring you might normally use to make a red sponge, the Magnolia Bakery TMs recipe requires six tablespoons. Most people don TMt realise that a Red Velvet cupcake is no different to a chocolate cupcake only with loads more artificial additives, TM says Lisa Sanguedolce, owner of Le Dolci bakery in central London. cake decorations supplier

Baking tools These can be made out of a variety of materials such as organza, as well as wood or brass. The containers will keep the rings safe until they are needed during the ceremony. The best man has been known to lose the rings and pageboys and flower girls may be too young to understand what is required. Baking tools

Plastic mould Sit and fire away, she said, patting the ground in front of her. She paused and then asked, did you manage to guess we are all new to Maui? lowered myself awkwardly down to the ground and grinned. Lucky, I guess. Holocaust survivor discusses ‘Surviving Auschwitz and the Mengele Experiments’: Eva Mozes Kor will talk about her experiences as part of PHCC’s Peace Week. Kor, who survived the Holocaust with her twin sister, manages the Children of Auschwitz Nazi Deadly Lab Experiments Survivors Museum. Free. Plastic mould

Kitchenware The name iQor itself is the company’s coinage, a reference dragged from Greek mythology, where ichor referred to the golden blood of the gods. The more recent usage of ichor is ickier: an antiquated Fondant tools pathological term for pus or fluid. Etymological realities aside, iQor once said in a press release that it devised the name to suggest people and technology, both of which it has a lot of. Kitchenware

Silicone mould This is the third time thishas happened. Guess its time to cancel auto pay. If you enrolled in autopaywithout one, when your bank added the security codes, they may havedis allowed the tran as a debit (it tries again as a credit). “The trials [Bush] was thrust into. The decisions he had to make, were difficult ones,” Yellock says. “The humility he shows in recognizing the impact that his decisions made on the lives of so many of us soldiers and our family members those of my friends that didn’t come home from war, and me coming home wounded Silicone mould.