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But, in the Bible s economy, it is Christ Who sets the supreme example as the Bridegroom Who lays down His life for His Bride; and this is exactly how St. Paul tells husbands they are to treat their own wives (Ephesians 5:25). This doesn t mean that a man can be a bully or a negligent husband as long as he is willing to throw himself in front of a bus to save his wife s life.

SANTA CRUZANS are as mellow and gentle a population as exists anywhere. But a lot of those folks, even nice people, will stiffen, smirk or sputter when asked to talk about their visiting neighbors from the Santa Clara Valley. Santa Cruz has long had a love hate relationship with the people from Over the Hill.

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Intelligence community look at what they are doing. They are actually making things up, like the Trump dossier. Whatever they can do to force the president out of office or kindle support among his voters and supporters and I think it’s corruption on display.

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In the past few weeks I read and heard an awful lotof opinions regardingDaniel Sturridge,and there seems to be a great number of people whobelievethat his best days are behind him and that Liverpool would do well to cut their losses. This may or may not be true only time will tell I of the opinion that Sturridge is Liverpool best player and they should stick by him. He may well need a significant amount a time to recover, but I thought I highlight the story of another professional sportsman who suffered career threatening injuriesbut overcame them to reach the top of his sport..

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Those guys were obviously very special, said McAvoy, who went 14th overall in 2016 to Boston. Far as saying this group could match them, I not sure I go that far. When you have players like Auston Matthews and Patrik Laine, those are two very special players.

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