By dylan on September 20, 2012

Due to the delaying rain fall on Tuesday evening, we had to make up some ground yesterday. So the Wedgies set out early in the morning and chalked until dusk. We were joined by volunteers along the way, including some great people from places like The Heidelberg Project and Summer in the City.

The first mile marker and second mile marker were met yesterday, meaning we chalked about 1.3 miles total. From the Fox Theatre in Downtown, up to the Heidelberg Project, taking a turn at Great Lakes Roasting Company, and finally ending at Slow’s To Go.

It was also the start of the Detroit Design Festival yesterday, and we have been seeing the great big stickers on the sidewalks that indicate where all of the happennings are, well, happening. One that we are extremely excited about is the Pop-Up Playground being created across the street from The HP, being created by a Detroit-based kid’s architecture firm called Cog Studio in collaboration with Kaboom¬†(an awesome organization that creates play across the country). The course goes past this happening, plus many others, so if you find yourself mapless, just follow the Hopscotch course!

Last night was the incredible Detroit Design Festival Launch party- a schwanky little event at the Fisher Building where all the trendy people in Detroit came out, mingled, listened to music, and celebrated the begin of the days dedicated to art and design. There was a glimpse of what to expect out there, and, based on the people that we met last night-we know that this Festival is going to rock.

The mail lady hopped some of the course yesterday that was along her route!

One of our Heidelberg Project volunteers and other volunteers hop along the course they just painted.