By jerry on January 9, 2015

Foods with high glycemic index numbers (more than 70) make blood sugar levels as well as insulin levels spike fast. We now realize that’s a health threat. Mounting research suggests keeping blood sugar levels from spiking pays off in many ways. “We ran out of space, when I started the business I was just going to do catering and the cakes so it wasn’t really going to be a walk in business. Then we had people starting to come in for the cupcakes and baking and things they wanted to buy daily,” she said.Bridger looked at a number of different locations and said it was difficult because some people were hesitant to put a kitchen into their buildings, but she is happy with the new location.”Now we have an 18 seat dessert bar. So [people] can come in and have coffee, dessert and tea.”The summer is a busy time for Malories and Bridger is looking forward to the wedding cake season.”Our wedding season starts this weekend and we’re pretty much booked every weekend through the summer,” she said.

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