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We just stumbled upon this post from Unite Potero, a group building community in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill neighborhood, which links to Hopscotch Detroit’s feature in GOOD Magazine. Potero Hill, you have our support!

Community-building idea for Potrero?

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Here’s an interesting project happening in Detroit, from The Daily Good. Maybe we could do something like this in Potrero! Leave a comment below to let us know what you think of this idea.

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You know that scene when Russell Crowe is standing behind the gate with the other gladiators about to enter the den with the lions and the crowd of cheering Romans?

That’s kind of what it’s like to stand in a sound booth in the Fisher Building,  waiting your turn to go on WJR. Except on the other end, thankfully for us, are the wonderful personalities of talk radio host Paul W. Smith and Quicken Loans Vice President Stephen Luigi Piazza.

Destination 313 is about covering positive and inspirational stories in the great city of Detroit.

Tune in to WJR-760AM at 7pm on Friday for this week’s broadcast of Destination 313, featuring Hopscotch Detroit, among other initiatives in the city.


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Meet Flaco.


Flaco is the founder of the Untitled Bottega.

Flaco started making art because of comic books.

Flaco has a cat named Paint.

Flaco is one of the featured artists painting chalk murals at Hopscotch Detroit.


Come out to see Flaco and his art at Hopscotch Detroit on September 22nd.

Want to contribute your art to the course? Hit us up here!


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“Hopscotch Detroit is an incredible opportunity for lots of Detroiters to get together, build community, make some friends, be a little silly and hopefully set a world record along the way!”

- Dan Montingelli is a Montreal-born, Detroit resident.  He and his lovely wife, Kate Bush are expecting a little hop scotcher in January! 


If you are interested in volunteering, click here!


By Wedge on September 6, 2012

GOOD Magazine is a collaboration of individuals, businesses, and nonprofits who write about what works.

Big thanks to Julie Ma who wrote the article!

Hopscotch Detroit: Community Building With Miles Long Pop-up Playground

What if the schedule of city-life had recess built into it, just like elementary school? A team of social innovators in Detroit is asking that question with their upcoming project Hopscotch Detroit, a social free-for-all that puts a schoolyard spin on community engagement—and even intends to break a world record, using nearly a ton of chalk, stencils, and city’s sidewalks.

Hopscotch Detroit is a joint venture of social design startup Wedge Detroit and community-building initiative Imagine Detroit Together. Since June, the two organizations have conspired to bring a 4.2-mile-long urban hopscotch course to life. Equal parts ode to the classic childhood game and imaginative community event, Hopscotch Detroit’s allure is its simplicity: temporarily transforming a street, or a city, into a unified, vibrant playground. 

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By Wedge on September 3, 2012

“What makes a true artist?”

“Dirty pants.”

Waleed painted up Shed 5 with the Hopscotch team at Eastern Market this past Saturday and blew us away with his young talent and insight.

“What did you paint?”

“It’s a woman. She is painting and dancing at the same time to express herself. She is very intelligent.”

Waleed and his dad said they were excited to come out to the event and chalk it up with us. At 7-years-old, Waleed is our youngest artist recruit. See you on the 22nd, Waleed :)


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MLive stumbled upon our Test Run in on the Dequindre Cut and wrote this awesome article about Hopscotch!

Read the story here:

For more rogue hopscotch skillz, you should probably check out the Jazz Fest in Hart Plaza and the Riverwalk by the Ren Cen.

…Not that those drawings have anything to do with us…


The Wedge Heads


By Wedge on August 23, 2012

Hopscotch Detroit: Groups Plan To Draw World Record Hopscotch Course

By: David Sands

Reposted from The Huffington Post

Detroit could soon be known as “Hopscotch City,” thanks to the work of two local creative groups. The design startup Wedge Detroit and the community arts and technology collaborative Imagine Detroit Together are leading an effort to make the city the temporary home of the world’s longest hopscotch course next month.

Read the rest of the story at the Huff Post!


By Wedge on August 22, 2012

People are often surprised when we show up to community events with our buckets of chalk and homemade potions of chalk paint. So you can imagine our surprise when we showed up to Cody Rouge’s Family Fun Day last Saturday and found out we weren’t the only ones bringing the goods.

Geoff Gillespie has been doing chalk murals for ten years. When we stumbled across him, he was laying down an outline of a butterfly to be filled in by kids in the Cody Rouge community.

“Once I put the colors out there and put the outline out, it’s just amazing watching them go to town,” Geoff tells us. “I just have to do a little piece of it and then they take it over. I just watch it grow from there.”

Aaah, the power of chalk.Yet, prior to meeting Geoff, we believed bringing a 5-year old and a 55-year to the same canvas was the power of chalk. But Geoff takes this intersection further with his collaborative art. Geoff taught us how chalk allows us not only to create side-by-side but to create together.

“It’s always a work in progress, so it’s a beautiful thing.”


It took us about .02 seconds to tell Geoff about Hopscotch and ask him to become part of our growing family of artists. We are so very happy to say that he accepted. Come make art with Geoff on September 22nd on the final squares of the course.


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We met Ed Morykwas at Detroit SOUP last Sunday

His Hopscotch vision? Detroit celebs on the course.

Ed’s top picks:

  1. Kid Rock
  2. Eminem
  3. Aretha Franklin.

Who’s got connections???
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