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Match the terms to their definition. 1. choleric prone to thoughtfulness, sadness, or depression 2. melancholy decisive, hot headed, quick tempered, easily angered 3 .. The collected data consisted of various groups of passages mentioning different categorical emotions (anger, happiness, thoughtfulness, sadness, anxiety, fear, and surprise) according to the visceral systems of the liver, heart, spleen, lung, kidneys, and gallbladder; notably, the gallbladder is the only organ system among the Six Bowels that is described in relation to …. 3.2. Visualization of Specific Patterns between an Emotion and the Human Body. The visualization of emotions on a human body template created for the present study (Figure 2) revealed that specific patterns existed between the visceral system and corresponding emotions such that anger corresponded with the liver, happiness with the heart, thoughtfulness with the heart and spleen, …. Sadness is a transient emotional state that is generally associated with negative moods and unhappy feelings. What is Sadness? Sadness is considered to be one of the basic human emotions and it is .. From feelings of sadness and despair to wonder and thoughtfulness the meaning of the painting lies within the individual who is viewing it. Proximity is used in this piece by the spirals in the night sky surrounding the stars moon and clouds.. Thoughtfulness is a sea of which happiness and sadness are the waves. All waves of happiness and sadness recede finally into thoughtfulness. It is so because happiness and sadness are reliefs and relapses provided to man by nature so that the concentration, gravity and longevity of thoughtfulness shall not become a black hole unto himself and consume him.. Relax melancholy.Thoughtfulness, slight sadness, sadness. Probably autumn .Comfort, relaxation, beautiful.. Sympathy Thank You for CardNote. My heartfelt thanks for the lovely card, we really appreciate your kind thoughts during our time of grieving. Knowing that we are in your thoughts and prayers is very comforting. Thank you for your sympathy note …. Music therapy utilizes the power of music for the treatment of mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety. Learn how it works here.. Thank you sincerely for your kind expression of sympathy and thoughtfulness. It is deeply appreciated and will always be remembered by the family of Kenneth Tom Smith. Thank You There are really no words to express our heartfelt thanks for the sympathy and support you have extended towards our family during this time of sadness..

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