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The Spruce "Lighter paint colors are always a safe option, but recently I have been fascinated by the idea of creating a true oasis with dark blue walls using Admiral Blue by Benjamin Moore," says décor blogger Sarah Cousins. "It can be a little scary to go dark, but it is a sure way to make a statement in your space (and you can always swap out the color down the line, unlike an expensive. Sky Blue. This icy blue shade makes a statement, is calming, and it doesn’t overpower the space. It’s easy on the eyes, and pairs well with other bold colors, lighter hues, or anything in between. Make a statement wall, an accent wall, or paint the entire room this calming color. Picking our favorite blues gave us the blues. There are way.too.many. amazing blues out there.After all, blue is one of the most popular colors in home decor right now. Narrowing down to 21 was painful, and every time we thought we had the final selection, another color popped up that needed to make it into our top options, and it was an internal struggle to figure out what it was replacing. Here's a smart way to add color yet keep it toned down in a bedroom — paint part of the wall with your chosen blue hue and keep the remainder white or light-colored. This lets you inject a shade that might be too overwhelming if it covered all four walls. Salmon-colored walls against striking blue trim and decorative accents are showcased in an estate in Florence, Italy. This unique color pairing adds warmth to the bedroom. Blue and Gray. Choosing Blue Paint Colors Consider the Room Navy, baby blue, turquoise–the color blue is varied and dynamic. Dark blues, like Hale Navy HC-154 and Gentleman’s Gray 2062-20, are often popular for offices and studies. Lighter, silvery blues are favorites for bathrooms and bedrooms thanks to the serenity and calm this favorite color evokes. View a gallery of blue bedroom walls to get inspired for your next project. Blue bedroom paint colors from Behr can complement any style you like. Best Bright Blue Benjamin Moore Utah Sky 2065-40. The Spruce. Perfect for boy's bedrooms or master suites that could use a burst of color, Benjamin Moore's Utah Sky is not a shy hue. This bright medium blue is packed with pigment and is a great paint for those who want to create a statement in their room. A saturated shade of teal brings cozy vibes to this boho-inspired blue bedroom. The dark wall color is lightened up with an eclectic mix of textures and colors, including mustard yellow and hot pink. White bedding and furnishings stand out against the blue walls for a high-contrast look. Light Blue Wall Paint. Light blue paint colors are mostly used for bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms. This family of colors has a cool soothing feel what is great as a base in rooms with running water. It makes a great combination of white and beige tones, even better with some accents like orange or gold or similarly lively colors.

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