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Contemporary standing lamps feature tall columns and low profile bases, these fixtures mount to a wall and offer adjustable arms to give you reading light when and wherever you need it. bedroom floor lamps. tolomeo floor lamps. table lamps. floor lamps. gooseneck table lamps. Related Products. Table lamps perfect for your bedside or in the living room, with hundreds of designs to choose from. All the BEST designs including table lamps for living room or bedroom night-stands, led table lamps and every style from traditional to modern. Browse our wide selection of floor lamps - Contemporary, traditional, floor reading lamps and more. Free Shipping on our items at Lamps Plus - Find the best styles for your living room, bedroom, den or home office. Where Wall Lighting Works Best. In the bedroom, a wall mounted reading light is an ideal choice for focused task lighting. Bathrooms benefit from vanity bath bars and wet or damp rated wall sconces. Wall uplights are perfect for hallway lighting and you'll love highlighting family photos or works of art with a picture light. From sleek contemporary to rustic country, there is a style of wall sconce for every decorating theme. Sconces are an excellent choice for the bedroom and are typically installed on each side of the bed. Tips . Use wall sconces in place of a bedside lamp to save room on a small nightstand, or keep the room looking uncluttered. If you’re in need of some ideas when choosing bedroom wall colors, there are hundreds from which you can choose. In this piece, we’ll offer 26 bedroom wall colors to consider, to help spark life, add pop, or simply give your bedroom a new aura and appearance, since the last time you painted on a fresh coat. Your bedroom’s feature need not be behind the bed. This bookshelf accent wall winds around the windows and below the rafters, meeting the eye of three bronze-inner pendants. Need more inspiration for bedrooms that hoard books? Do check out our post 22 Inspirational Examples For Those Who Love To Sleep Near Their Books. Here at The French Bedroom Company, we have an array of stunning table lamps to match all interiors. You can choose from stylish, modern glass and chrome designs that are ideal for contemporary spaces, as well as many traditional, luxurious table lamps that will grace more conservative bedroom styles. Table Lamp Styles and Trends. A modern living room just isn't complete without a style-setting table lamp to provide the finishing touch. Check out our online store to find designs with elegant classical appeal, romantic bedroom lamps, cosmopolitan glass designs, or trendy transitional table lamps. Classic table lamps include the Whitney in white, plus a huge choice of contemporary designs including the Madelon, Aadila and Glenbrook table lamps. Blending beautifully with Industrial interior styles are the Renata and the Gino table lamps, while the versatile Bayfront rattan table lamp adds texture to perfectly complement Hamptons, Scandi, Boho, Country and Coastal styles.

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