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One of many places to use Sea Serpent is as an accent wall for a unique entry. Notice our theme of contrast in the majority of the inspiration pictures with these darker blues. Since navy and dark blue can be a bit moody, it helps to warm it up with lighter wood tones or even the use of a soft hand-painted patterned wall above it. Loving this look. If you are drawn to rich, dark colors, you'll love Valspar's Dutch Licorice. This blue paint almost appears black. It is perfect for large bedroom suites as well as for quaint guest rooms. We recommend this chalky deep blue on accent walls, or you can even consider painting a rich paint stripe down a cool white wall for instant design flair. If you're looking for an easy way to transform your room, consider a bit of blue. Certain shades, like periwinkle, can create a calming feel and others (think cobalt or teal) are ideal for those who love nothing more than a touch of drama. Get inspired to bring perspective to a room by browsing these 60 blue accent wall ideas from Dering Hall. The dark furnishings in this blue and white bedroom bring a quiet elegance to the room while the blue accents add a playful element. The geometry of the bedcover plays up the details on the headboard and nightstand. Blue bedroom decor, like an ocean-inspired art piece, tie together the color scheme. Design your next bedroom in blue. Whether light or dark, minimalist or Scandinavian, these 30 bedrooms in shades of teal blue, roy 30 Buoyant Blue Bedrooms That Add Tranquility and Calm to Your Sleeping Space. 44 Awesome Accent Wall Ideas For Your Bedroom. Bedroom Designs. No matter the theme or color your decide to accent it with, blue will always work. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go with the best options. Take a peek at 31 of the best colors to pair with blue and see if one strikes a fancy with you! 31 Ideas of colors that work well with blue 1. Silver. A great feature wall isn’t just about choosing the right accent wall colors—it’s about building texture, too. Vertical paneling, like in this living room, adds extra visual appeal. By painting the panels blue, you achieve the dynamic duo of color and character. Wooden nightstands and white taupe tones complement really beautifully a navy blue accent wall, golden nightstands once more add a pinch of glamour to a sober ambiance. Image via Pinterest. 17. Navy Blue and Pink Bedroom Design. Two really sophisticated tones tones that exude sophistication in a dance of colors. A black rug or dark accent wall with peach is a great combination that will really stand out in your bedroom. It’s perfect with a pale blue shade or mint green accent wall. And, it works well with virtually any shade/material of furniture. The right throw/accent rug will really bring any space together. Image hello. This strong blue takes its name from the fantastically coloured woodwork much used by the Dutch, and still works wonderfully to ground skirtings or as an accent colour on the walls when teamed with Borrowed Light. The green undertones of this timeless, deep and dramatic blue means it sits as happily outside as it does in small dark rooms.

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