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Colors like red, purple, brown, or dark gray are the colors we find to be the least suitable for a relaxing sleep environment. If you absolutely love one of those colors we suggest using it as an accent color to another more dominant relaxing color that is complimentary to your more stimulating colors. Red, white, and blue are always on-trend, as seen in a boy's Manhattan bedroom designed by Miles Redd. "The red outline lends graphic edge" to the hand-painted faux-bois wallcovering, he says. Dependable, versatile, warm, and subtle, it's one of the best paint colors for a bedroom. A super light taupe shade will contrast just enough with crisp bright interiors while also injecting some. Red is one of those colors that can be tricky to decorate with, but when you get it right it works oh-so-well. Red is a vibrant color full of energy and romance—and, surprisingly, can work in nearly any room in your house. The trick is pairing it with the right colors so it doesn't overpower or overwhelm your space, but rather plays well with your aesthetic. What Colors Work Well With Brown In The Bedroom. A few touches of red can be refreshing in a living room that also features brown elements. The combo is balanced since both red and brown are warm colors but one is neutral and the other is bold. View in gallery. Ensure your bedroom is a space of rest and relaxation by steering clear of these seven paint colors – all of which may prevent you from catching some much-needed shut-eye. By Jennifer Noonan Red. Persimmon Orange from The Spruce Best Home by KILZ is a deep rustic red-orange that straddles the line between those two colors on the color wheel and creates a fresh, modern look that works like a charm in a bedroom or kitchen. The feel-good, red-orange hybrid will change with the light, looking more orange at high noon and skewing toward red. A bedroom should be designed for rest and relaxation, and choosing the right paint color can help make that happen. For a peaceful and tranquil bedroom, top interior designers rely on a stylish selection of paint colors and design ideas.See their favorite paint choices below and get inspired to make your own bedroom the retreat of your dreams. Red and orange are quite close to each other on the color wheel and they’re both warm colors which could mean they can look beautiful and natural when put together. When red is the main color like it is in the case of this casual dining room the orange accents add a bright and exotic touch to the décor.{found on scavullodesign}. Black & white. Pinpointing a shade of red for an interior can be quite tricky, but if you land on the right one, it can inject energy and style into your space. To help with your search for the perfect red paint color, we checked in with a selection of go-to designers to find out their favorites. Scroll down for a look at the 30 tasteful red paint colors that are worth considering for your own abode.

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