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Bedrooms should be for relaxing, and using neutral tones can be the perfect start for a serene design. Browse these clever neutral bedroom ideas to learn how to use white, cream, gray, black, and more to give your bedroom the look you've always dreamed of. Once you go for masculine bedroom paint ideas, the only thing that’ll come to mind is something esoteric and minimalist. The idea of a masculine bedroom is to keep up with simplicity in the most sophisticated way. You can make everything comfortable using deep and dark color for a cooler atmosphere. Rest easy with these 11 bedroom paint color ideas that are interior designer–approved. Since the California sun is so intense, a dark bedroom can be really amazing for lazy mornings in bed.” — Krista Schrock and David John Dick, co-founders of Disc. Farrow & Ball Railings $99. Shop. White Is Warm and Goes With Everything. A large, statement piece of art helps break up the dark color. Though brown isn't exactly the most obvious paint color when decorating a bedroom, this warm nook makes a strong case for it. In a dark bedroom, furniture and accessories can disappear into the gloom if you aren’t careful. If you paint your walls a saturated mid-tone or bright color, add contrast with furniture in a medium finish, and complete the brightening effect with bedding and accessories in white or another light color. While some bedroom color scheme ideas are more subdued, this one is all about embracing rich tones and textures. Powder gray is the new white when it comes to wall colors. It really brings out the honeyed hues of the hardwood floor. Off-white looks très chic in fur and satin. A little bit of a color as strong as purple goes a long way. Bedroom Color Ideas Which Paint to Pick. Looking for bedroom paint inspiration? Whether you prefer barely there hues or are ready to amp up the drama in your bedroom, we have shade suggestions for all the colors of the rainbow — from red to violet — plus black and white for all you paint purists. With a yellow undertone, this creamy paint color is the perfect neutral to provide a warm—but not too dark—and cozy feel. In her South Carolina family retreat, designer Melissa Ervin chose the pretty color to lighten the bedroom's original wood planks. To continue a calm and soothing palette, skip bright whites and instead choose wood tones, tone-on-tone neutrals, and dark accent colors. Bedroom color ideas 18 gorgeous (and easy) ways to update with paint. Add atmosphere with dark bedroom colors (Image credit Katie Lee) Gone are the days when white was the only color allowed on ceilings and woodwork. Now, you can choose pretty much any shade you like. Dark ceilings can make a real statement, especially when contrasted. Soften strong red walls with white and neutral colors through the rest of the space Apartment Therapy While bright red walls are typically too stimulating for the bedroom, muted shades of red, such as burgundy or the wine shown here (this color is Rookwood Dark Red from Sherwin-Williams), are equally dramatic, yet allow you to get to sleep at night.

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