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Magnolia's Under the Stars is a deep blue with green undertones that works beautifully in a bedroom, either on an accent wall or throughout the whole room. Pair this rich color with neutrals or pure white to keep your bedroom from feeling overwhelming or dark. Blue is the colour of light between violet and green on the visible spectrum.Hues of blue include indigo and ultramarine, closer to violet pure blue, without any mixture of other colours Cyan, which is midway in the spectrum between blue and green, and the other blue-greens turquoise, teal, and aquamarine.. Blue also varies in shade or tint darker shades of blue contain black or grey, while. Black bedroom walls were once unthinkable, but now are rather chic. If you want to try the trend, but prefer something a little less goth, go with a navy blue so dark, it almost appears to be black in the right light. This room from Brian Watford Interiors shows you how great it looks. A luxurious primary bedroom with dark blue accent wall and platform bed. Blue primary bedroom with leather ottoman sitting bench set on the beautiful rug covering the hardwood flooring. Large primary bedroom featuring light blue walls and a stunning ceiling, along with reddish hardwood flooring topped by a classy rug. This blue bedroom shows that you can plaster wallpaper on just the center of your wall for a unique look. Photo credit It All Started With Paint Go all-natural with the decor in your blue bedroom by using sculpted tree lamps and matching leaf patterned decorative pillows. This strong blue takes its name from the fantastically coloured woodwork much used by the Dutch, and still works wonderfully to ground skirtings or as an accent colour on the walls when teamed with Borrowed Light. The green undertones of this timeless, deep and dramatic blue means it sits as happily outside as it does in small dark rooms. This is a splendid bedroom that aims to create focus on a couple of great elements the black and white rug, wire-frame nightstand with wooden top, blank wall art on navy blue wall, suspended greenery in rope and small but golden nightstand by the bed, have you seen the pillows too? Image via luluandgeorgia.com. 28. Gray and Navy Blue Bedroom. A black rug or dark accent wall with peach is a great combination that will really stand out in your bedroom. It’s perfect with a pale blue shade or mint green accent wall. And, it works well with virtually any shade/material of furniture. The right throw/accent rug will really bring any space together. Image hello. Amaonm 3D Removable Colorful Glow in The Dark Star Wall Sticker for Girls Boys Bedroom Decoration Package Includes 1.49 inchs x 1.41inchs stars ×100 and 100pcs glues. 3 colors pink, blue and yellow. Instructions Put the foam stickers to the back of the stars Stick to the place dark enough like wall or ceiling. Glow in The Dark Stars for Ceiling or Wall Stickers - Glowing Wall Decals Stickers Room Decor Kit - Galaxy Glow Star Set and Solar System Decal for Kids Bedroom Decoration Ultra Brighter Glow in the Dark Stars Special Deal 200 Count w/ Bonus Moon, Amazing for Children and Toddler Decorations Wall Stickers for Boys.

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